Kelly Moore was born in Jacksonville, Florida in the 1950s. A lifelong resident of the state, he has seen the destruction of hurricanes and tornadoes all of his life. Prompted by the heart-wrenching effects of these natural disasters, Kelly began examining a variety of building systems and types of construction after the devastation wrought by Hurricane Andrew in 1992.
After thorough research, Kelly came to the conclusion that one of the best environmentally responsible and durable building systems in existence at the time was Insulated Concrete Form, ICF. He was concerned, though, that their roofs would not hold up to even a category 3 hurricane. The ICF system was implementing the same roof system as a traditionally built home—roofs that were only rated for up to about 110 mph winds.

Kelly was determined to design a much stronger building system. Margaret Hostetter shared the vision, and together they formed iGreen Construction to make it happen.