When Kelly described to builders his concept of a new building system, they listened. These builders understood the need for a new way of constructing homes for the future that would be energy efficient, environmentally friendly, almost maintenance free and which would hold up to most natural disasters.

Kelly went on to develop a revolutionary new building system used to built several homes and  has a patent pending. It is called ISAP®, Insulated Structural Aluminum Panel, building system. The ISAP walls are built in a factory and can be custom produced 24/7 which helps reduce cost, saves construction time and assures integrity. The ISAP roof is constructed in place at the job site. The walls and roof will be available in different "looks" so as to appear to be tile, shingle, brick, siding or whatever you like.
Yes, iGreen Construction is revolutionary but can look very traditional! Are you ready to graduate to ISAP—the building system of tomorrow today?