1. ISAP is Green
For all the reasons below, plus it saves money from day one on
energy use, rainwater retention and maintenance.

2. ISAP is Strong
Far exceeds building codes. Can engineer to wind loads easily reaching 180 mph.

3. ISAP is Smart Construction
Utilizes factory to build wall panels, cut beams and veneer finishes.
Reduce construction cost, increase quality control and build 24/7.

4. ISAP is Sustainable
Building shell, roof and walls, built without any wood. Average home takes
65 trees to construct. Structural aluminum frame is 75% recycled and
EPS foam, expanded polystyrene, is 100% recyclable.

5. ISAP is Energy Efficient
Realistically, almost R50 in both walls and roof . Makes the possibility of
“getting off the grid” more realistic and affordable, since buildings
require far less solar or wind.

6. ISAP is Beautiful Outside
Build the design you like then apply the exterior’s “faux” brick, siding,
roof tile, etc. finishes and paint to replicate the look you want.

7. ISAP is Dramatic Inside
Due to roof system, has dramatic cathedral ceilings at no extra cost.
Finished with drywall on metal studs for traditional look.

8. ISAP is a Noise Barrier
The thick EPS foam walls and roof greatly diminish outside noise.

9. ISAP is Affordable to Build and Maintain
Finally, “green” that costs no more than
comparable “stick built.”
So durable, maintenance is a breeze.

10. ISAP is Patent Pending
The culmination of years of development by P. Kelly Moore, the inventor,
who holds another building system patent.